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The Axirian Sisterhood

The Axirian Sisterhood is a brotherhood of female-only priestesses that live on the Island of Axir.


The Sisterhood has been recruiting young girls from the mainland, and teaching them combat and magic so that they may serve and worship the Great Dragon. The sisters revere the Dragon Titan as a god, and have been serving him for as long as anyone can remember. The sisterhood's main base is the Island of Axir, an island where they worship the titan as well as train in combat. They also breed the Abrax for combat and fast trasportation on the island, most likely because of the Abraxes relation to the Great Dragon. They constructed a teleporter on the island linking them to the rest of the Yurian kingdoms. Tyris Flare was a member of the Axirian sisterhood.


All of the sisters were wiped out, save for Tyris Flare, when they were trying to summon the Dragon Titan so that he may guide them, and possibly help them stop the growing threat of Death Adder. Death Adder learned of this, and he sent two of his generals, the Firstborn and the Secondborn, along with many of his minions, to set an ambush to capture the Dragon Titan and destroy the sisterhood. As Death Adder's forces arrived on the island to capture the dragon and destroy the sisterhood, once Death Adder's troops started attacking, the sisterhood panicked, and they were all running for their lives. They were all slaughtered running for their lives and they were all begging to be spared. During the invasion, one of the priestesses says, ''Please'', as she is being attacked. The plan was a success, the Great Dragon was captured, and all of the sisters were killed, save Tyris Flare, who vowed revenge on Death Adder. Ironically, the sisterhood tried to stop the treat of Death Adder with a ritual to summon the Dragon Titan, but, when his forces are sent to stop the sisterhood's plan, the Axirian priestesses cower, all ran away, pleading, and/or were all begging, for their lives, instead of fighting back, despite knowing Adder's forces are a threat that needs to be stopped.