Bad Brothers
Background Information
Gender Male
Height 8'03
Weight 680 lbs.
Attack Level C (Bad Bros.)
B (Sargeants)
A (General)
Move Level C (all varieties)
Voice actor
Appearances Golden Axe

The Bad Brothers (バド兄弟 Bado Kyōdai), also known as Hammering Giants, are two giants in Death Adder's army from Golden Axe that use hammers as weapons. They are easygoing and are usually seen smiling, but are dangerous opponents. The duo are the bosses from the Old Firewood Kingdom.

The green armored Bad Bros. also have two varieties: Sgt. Malt and Sgt. Hop (モルト軍曹とホップ軍曹), blue armored giants that appear in the Turtle Village, and Gen. Heartland (ハートランド将軍), a red armored giant that protects Death Adder. The two Sargeants aren't present in the original arcade version, instead having other two Bad Brothers.

In the PC Engine version, the blue giants are absent, and the red giant appears as the boss named Biyadaru (ビヤダル) in the second Turtle Village stage instead, Lt. Bitter and Col. Bitter replacing him as Death Adder's guardian. Two unnamed dark giants appear as a boss duo in Fiend's Path.

Other appearancesEdit

The Bad Brothers appeared in the Dreamcast game Segagaga as projectiles from the Mega Drive boss, and two gigantic versions of them appeared in the battle between Sega and DOGMA.



The Bad Brothers appear to be named after Budweiser (バドワイザー Badowaizā, "Bud" for short), Sgt. Malt & Sgt. Hop after the Malt and Hop used to make drinks, and General Heartland after the Japanese Heartland beer. Biyadaru (ビヤ樽) means "beer barrel" in Japanese.