Gilius, Ax Battler, and Tyris camping

Bonus Stage, also known as Thief Stage and Magician Stage, is a short stage played in the end of a main stage where the player can gain Magic Pots and Recovery Items.


Golden AxeEdit

In the end of stages 1, 2, 3, and 4, the player's character(s) camp to pass the night. While sleeping, Thieves appear and steal one of the player's Magic Pots, and if the player was with a Rideable Monsters, it will run away. They player can hit the Blue Thieves to gain Magic Pots and the Green Thieves to gain Meat.

Bonus Stages are not present in the PlayStation 2 version, but a cutscene shows the main characters camping and being stolen by a thief.

Golden Axe IIEdit

Thieves are replaced by Magicians in this game. They act similar to Thieves from the previous game, but with varying actions like transforming themselves.

Golden Axe IIIEdit

The Bonus Stages are similar to the first game, but with Thieves having varying actions in some stages. In single player mode only, the Thieves may appear from the ground, or drop their hats and appear from ropes to recover it. They act normally when two players are present. The exception is the last Bonus Stage in the end of stage 5. In Death Mountain, three Blue Thieves with wait for the player(s) to awake, and each will drop a Magic Pot and run away. In A Voyage to Castle, four Green Thieves will have fun by throwing a Meat around, and the player(s) must attempt to obtain it.

Golden Axe: The Revenge of Death AdderEdit

The bonus stages include escaping from the enemy fort and a party in the forest.

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