Death Bringer
Background Information
Gender Male
Height 8'02
Weight 667 lbs.
Attack Level A
Move Level A
Voice actor
Appearances Golden Axe

Death Bringer is the secret master of Death Adder, appearing only in the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive and MS-DOS versions of the first Golden Axe game as the true final boss. Death Bringer is only seen during the final showdown in the dungeon, after Death Adder has been killed. Upon defeat, the Golden Axe is retrieved and returned to the king.[1]

As Death Bringer only appears in a few versions from the first game, it is unclear if he is part of the main storyline or simply an extra boss. In the PlayStation 2 version of the game, Death Bringer is replaced by a second fight against Death Adder, who fled and now uses the power of the Golden Axe, becoming stronger and having an endless army of shadows at his service.[2]

Appearance and powersEdit

Death Bringer

Death Bringer's appearance is very similar to Death Adder, but is clad in a different coloured armour and has a different skin tone. He also has the same abilities, but is much stronger and creates six ground projectiles instead of one. In addition, he is able to use one of the magic attacks from each of the main characters: Thunder Pole, Explosion, and the powerful Dragon's Breath. The thunder and earth magic are used when he knocks down the player with his axe, and the fire magic when he hits with his ground projectile.

Like Death Adder, Death Bringer is also accompanied by two Skeletons in the Mega Drive version. Their health is higher than any other enemy in the game, including Death Bringer. Due to this, it is recommended to avoid them and focus on Death Bringer. In the MS-DOS version the Skeletons are replaced by two strong Heningers.


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  2. 助けてくれてありがとう しかし奴は地下へ逃げ込んだ ("Thank you for your help. However, the bastard fled to the underground.") - King, Golden Axe (PlayStation 2 version)