Firewood Kingdom

Firewood Kingdom in Golden Axe (PC Engine)

The Firewood Kingdom (ファイヤーウッド王国) is a location from the Golden Axe series.


Golden AxeEdit

Firewood Castle

Firewood Castle in Golden Axe (PC Engine)

Firewood was a peaceful kingdom that lasted over 600 years, until it was destroyed by Death Adder. Tyris Flare was the daughter of the king and queen of the kingdom. Although the kingdom was uneasy with Death Adder's army being close to their border, the whole country was celebrating the birthday of Princess Tyris. While their guard was down, Death Adder and his army attacked the castle, destroying the kingdom in one day.

Only three people in the whole kingdom survived: Tyris Flare, who the queen had hidden from Death Adder's forces, Gilius Thunderhead, who was knocked uncounscious during battle and was protected by his brother, and Ax Battler, who was out hunting when his village was attacked.

The first stage is Old Firewood Kingdom, where the kingdom used to be.

Ax Battler: A Legend of Golden AxeEdit

The Golden Axe was hidden in the Firewood Castle, but Death Adder stole it. The king of Firewood asked Ax Battler to retrieve it. The player starts in the Firewood Castle, and the Firewood Town can be visited.

Golden Axe WarriorEdit

Death Adder stole nine crystal from the Firewood Kingdom.

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