In-game info given in Golden Axe: Beast Rider.


The Island of Axir An island off the coast of the Yurian continent and homeland of the Axirian Sisterhood. The Priestesses recruit girls from the mainland at a young age to worship and fight for the Dragon Titan.
Diyar The coastal kingdom of Diyar was once a proud community of lake and river people. Now the towns built along the riverside have been deserted; flight or subjugation have rendered the area a ghost town.
City of the Dead

The City of the Dead was once a paradise for the souls of fallen heroes. The Queen of the Dead, hungry for power and control over the living, bargained her country and her people to Death Adder.


The Great Dragon The Dragon is the last of the great Titans, a race still revered as gods throughout Yuria. Though his capture was not unforseen, it remains a mystery why Death Adder fears the Dragon's power...
Gilius Thunderhead The proud and ancient Gilius Thunderhead was entrusted by the Axirian Sisterhood with their piece of the Golden Axe. Alone, the dwarf warrior was unable to stop the Dragon's capture.
The Lynth One of Yuria's few domesticated predators. By charging his thin outer layer of fur with internal electricity, the Lynth is able to refract light while hunting, giving him a natural invisibility.
The Axirian Sisterhood The Priestesses of Axir have worshipped the Dragon Titan since the dawn of the ages. In his service they have harnessed his fiery power for both ritual and war, but now their clan has been wiped out...
Tarik the Axe Battler

Tarik hails from the Battler clan of the Firewood People, a nation within the frozen Northlands. His skill with Axe and Blade are legendary. Refusing to fight Death Adder, his purpose remains unknown.

Queen of the Dead

The Queen and her pets are Undying, capable of drawing power for their undead bodies from a living soul. The cost of this power is a need for constant recharge...

The Megabrax

The missing link between Dragon and Abrax, the last Megabrax has been corrupted by Death Adder to serve as his guardian. "Meg" can devour all other beasts. Only the Demon Wing can stand against her.


Grubbers Stinking of raw flesh and offal, the Grubber is the lowest scavenger of Death Adder's army. They roam in packs and will often attack a warrior from behind.
Bogeymen The footsoldiers of Death Adder, the Bogeymen swept down from the edge of the Wastelands, leaving a wake of destruction. The Bogeymen come in many variants, from Soldier to Mage to Tufur.
Beware Berserkers Some Bogeymen are revered among their ranks. The death of these blue-painted hammer-wielders will send their followers into a BERSERK frenzy, making them more ferocious and harder to kill! Dispatch them last.
The Undead

The tortured souls of once great warriors, the Undead were resurrected from eternal sleep by the Queen of the Dead. She bargained their souls to Death Adder in exchange for dominion beyond her realm.

Demon Dogs

These hellhounds are bred as the personal pets of the Queen of the Dead. Like the Queen, they are undying and capable of Resurrection. They also share the Queen's hidden weakness...


Like Gnomes, Crawlers can burrow and travel under the earth. Unlike Gnomes, they freely attack all who disturb them. The Hardshelled Crawler of the desert can only be attacked from underneath.

The Shades

These souls have lost all sense of their past lives, and will attempt to absorb the soul of passing mortals. Though mindless, they are still controlled by the Queen of the Dead.

The Demon Wing

As a reward for her service, Death Adder transformed the Queen's demons into dreadful abominations. The Demon Wing is a powerful foe that cannot be killed by ordinary means...

The Keshtun

Spawned from Death Adder's own foul seed, the Keshtun share a powerful bond with their master. Their snake-like movements and attacks are lightning quick, and they are able to spit poison as well.

Demon Knights

Death Adder selected the most powerful of the Queen's Undead to become his personal Demon Guard. The hellborn are followed by explosive Demon Gnomes.


Beast Summoner A cunning product of the magicians of Diyar, the Beast Summoner resonates with the souls of tame beasts and teleports them to where they are needed most. Where they come from is anyone's guess.
Countering Magic Tyris has been trained to combat magic-wielders. Most magic can be Reflected (RB) or Evaded (LB), or both. Listen and look for the right moment to counter-attack.
Brutal Counter - Bosses

Tyris can perform counterattacks on her greatest foes; but like their minions, only certain attacks against bosses will yield Brutal Counters. Try Quick, Heavy, and Knockback Attacks!

Undead Passage

Tyris's mastery of the Titan's magic allows her passage into the City of the Dead. The power of the Dragon suspends her soul between life and death.

Brutal Counter - Undead & Demon

A Brutal Counter on pack-roving enemies such as Skeletons and Keshtun will clear out the rest: Parry or Evade, then counter with a Quick Attack (X) with perfect timing.

Wasteland Sacrifices

During the scourge of the Great Titans, the people of Yuria prepared human sacrifice to their gods. Progression among these mountain passes must be paid in equal measures of blood and skill.

The Turtle Titan

The Great Turtle once carried a city on its back. Though the Titan is now vanquished, the Temple of the Turtle remains the only active portal to the City of the Dead.