Great Dragon Titan

The Great Dragon

The Great Dragon is a character from Golden Axe: Beast Rider. It is the last of the great Titans, a race still revered as gods throughout Yuria. The Axirian Sisterhood worshipped the Dragon Titan since the dawn of the ages. In his service they have harnessed his fiery power for both ritual and war, but during a ritual with Tyris Flare, Death Adder's army is sent to capture the Great Dragon and the Axirian Sisterhood is wiped out. Tyris, the only survivor from the attack, departs from the Island of Axir to rescue the Great Dragon, obtaining most parts of the Golden Axe during her quest.

When Tyris finally finds the Great Dragon and rescues him, the dragon gives her the sad task of killing him, as his soul will complete the Golden Axe. She doesn't agree with it as she devoted her life to the Dragon Titan and already lost everything else important to her. Still, she does as he wishes and completes the legendary weapon, using it to destroy Death Adder. With Death Adder gone, the Great Dragon's soul appears from the axe and talks with Tyris one last time.

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