Green (グリーン Gurīn) is one of the playable characters in Golden Axe: The Duel.


Deep in the continent's forest lived a race of giants with awesome strength. This half-human, half-plant race was attacked by Death Adder's army and all but one were killed. The lone survivor is Green, who predicted the return of Death Adder and has been preparing for it for many years.

When Green heard of the Golden Axe tale, he knew the chance to meet Death Adder face-to-face was near. Green has not forgotten the lovely Maria, who helped him escape Death Adder's clutches. Sadly, Maria disappeared after freeing Green, though he has heard she is still alive. This half-human giant hopes to defeat Death Adder in the coming battles, and through victory have his name spread far. Perhaps Maria can then find him once again...


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"Maria, the Golden Axe is going to grant my wish to be a human!"
"Maria, who defeated Death Adder?"
"I don't know. But his defeat will not end all fighting in the world. It will not bring us the true peace we need."
"This axe is the reason why everyone's fighting. There can be no peace unless something is done."

"The Golden Axe is mine! With its power, I can finally be human, and be with my love, Maria. I will be accepted, and I will again have a family. But, if I keep the axe, the fighting will continue, and this land will never know peace. A hard decision, indeed."

Note: In the game there are two errors in this part: "But, it I keep the axe, the fighting will countinue, and this land will never know peace."


Maria's village never suffered destruction again as the story spread: "Our Green God provided us with peace for our lives."

"No, I have no choice. My selfish wants are nothing compared to the need for peace in this world. I must rid the land of this cursed weapon."
Taking the axe to the highest peak in the land, Green summoned all his strength and the power of the Golden Axe, to hurl the axe high into the heavens. The Golden Axe was gone for all time, and Green was heralded as a hero by Maria and her people. At long last he had his love, and a people to call his own...


Special Moves:

  • Back Breaker: →↘↓↙←↖↑↗, any Punch (in front of enemy)
  • Attack Feint (ダッキング, Ducking): ← (hold), →, any Punch
    • Giant's Hook (ジャイアントフック, Giant Hook): ← (hold), →, any Punch, (while running) ↓↑, any Kick
  • Windmill (ウインドミルブリーカー, Windmill Bleecker): Hold any three Punch or Kick buttons, and release one of the buttons.
  • Mammoth Slam (ブレーンクラッシュ, Brain Crush): ↖ or ↗, (while jumping) →↘↓, any Punch

Hyper Magic:

  • Raging Forest (ヘカトンスペシャル, Hekaton Special): →↘↓↙←↖↑↗, any Kick


Green's stage is the "Urupagu Forest" (ウルパグフォレスト Urupagu Foresuto) in the northwest of the continent.

Victory quotesEdit

  • Ha, ha, ha! Big always wins!
  • I will be with my love. Nothing, and no one, will deny me that!
  • Nice try, little one.