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Kain Blade (カインブレード Kain Burēdo) is one of the playable characters in Golden Axe: The Duel.


Orphaned by the war and found by a famous warrior, Kain Blade learned the art of swordsmanship from an early age. When his patron died attempting to save another child from fire, Kain could not accept the way his master died. Kain's whole life had been devoted to perfecting his combat skills; death by other than combat was unimaginable.

Seen as a samaritan by some, a meddler by others, Kain has taken to wandering the various provinces to help those in need. He seeks the Golden Axe in the hopes to unite the provinces of the continent and end the diabolical plans of his enemies, Zoma and Keel. They will try to stop him, but Kain is determined to win.


ImageArcadeSega Saturn
KainEnd1 "At last... So this is the Golden Axe. Oh, I'm shaking. Look at this, I can feel its power! My people will be thrilled."

"At last... The Golden Axe is mine! I can feel the power flowing through it! My people will be overjoyed!"

KainEnd2 The night seemd as though it would never end, as they told the story of Kain, the brave comrade, and the Golden Axe. Once just a legend, it was now revealed before them.

The night was full of celebration and storytelling. Kain Blade, bravest warrior of the tribe, had brought to them the weapon of legend. The tribe would forever be protected by the power of ...Golden Axe.


Kain Blade

Special Moves:

  • Power Blast (ヘルフレイム, Hell Flame): ↓↘→, any Punch
  • Fire Edge (ファイアーエッジ): →↓↘, any Punch
  • Rushing Kick (ラッシュキック, Rush Kick): ↓↙←, hold any Kick

Hyper Magic:

  • Fire Storm (デッドリーフレアー, Deadly Flare): →↓↘→↗, any Punch


Kain's stage is the Draconian Village (ドラコニアンビレッジ Dorakonian Birejji) located in the dragon-like area in the northeast of the continent. The background has Kain's village, with barbarians watching the battle.

Victory quotesEdit

  • I don't have time to play with you. I must find the Golden Axe.
  • You lack the heart to be a true warrior. Go home before you get hurt.
  • Greetings, from the land of beatings!



  • Although his role as a barbarian is similar to Ax Battler, it's unknown if Kain Blade is a descendent from the three original Golden Axe protagonists like Milan Flare and Gillius Rockhead.
    • Despite his unknown lineage, some players speculate that he may be a descendent of Sternblade due to the similar name.