Lt. Bitter
Background Information
Height 6'11
Weight 271 lbs.
Attack Level A (all varieties)
Move Level B (Lieutenant)
A (Col. and Gen.)
Voice actor
Appearances Golden Axe

Lt. Bitter (ビター中尉), also known as Armored Knight, is a high ranking knight in Death Adder's army from Golden Axe. This knight with silver armor is the boss from Turtle Village.

Lieutenant Bitter has two varieties: Col. Bitter, which wears a red armor, and Gen. Bitter, equipped with a gold armor. General Bitter only appears in a few versions of the game.

In the PC Engine version, a Bitter knight named Heineken (ハイネケン Haineken) is Death Adder's highest ranking follower, Lt. Bitter and Col. Bitter replacing Gen. Heartland as Death Adder's guardian and not appearing in other stages.

In the PlayStation 2 version, Lt. Bitter is replaced by Minotauros as the Turtle Village boss, with two Lt. Bitters appearing later as the stage 6 bosses.

Other appearancesEdit

Lt. Bitter appeared in the Dreamcast game Segagaga as a projectile from the Mega Drive boss.



  • Bitter may be named after Bitter, an English term for pale ale, Bitters, or the "bitterness" taste.
  • Heineken is a Dutch brewing company.