A Lynth

The Lynth is one of the beasts in Golden Axe: Beast Rider that Tyris Flare can ride, it is the second beast encountered in the game, in the Diyar Highlands.


The Lynth is one of Yuria's few domesticated predators, people have long been using it for fast transport as the beast is quite fast and agile. It can generate electricity throughout its body. By charging the thin outer layer of fur with internal electricity, a Lynth can refract light, granting it a natural invisibility used for hunting.



Tyris riding a Lynth

Lynth Stealth

Lynth using its stealth

Tyris can command the Lynth to use multiple attacks, they are:

  • Pounce: The Lynth pounces on his enemies, dealing damage to any enemy in front of him.
  • Stealth: The Lynth becomes invisible, enemies cannot see him allowing him to quickly surprise them. Usage drains its life.
  • Lightning Fan: The Lynth shoots out many lightning bolts, damaging any enemy hit by them. Usage drains its life.


The Lynth appears to be a hybrid of many animals, his ablility to become invisible makes him resemble a chameleon, his face which has tusks and two sharp horns as well as his abilities including agility and claws make him resemble a cat, and the prehistoric sabertooth tiger, his eyes are blue in color, he also has an armored version of himself that is able to take more damage, though this version is always mounted by enemies meaning you have to dismount them to be able to ride it also the armored version of the Lynth has silver coloured armor with many engravings.