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Milan Flare (ミラン フレアー Miran Fureā) is one of the playable characters in Golden Axe: The Duel.


Milan Flare is the princess of the kingdom of Windwood, and descendant of Tyris Flare, who helped defeat Death Adder long ago. She is also the protector of the kingdom, and relies on wind magic to battle her adversaries. Though a bit young and brash, she takes her role of protector seriously and has won the confidence of her people.

The kingdom of Windwood is the most scientifically advanced of all the provinces. It is a prized jewel for many would-be leaders who could use the power of the winds. Should Milan win, the Golden Axe would be used to ensure that Windwood does not fall to foreign invaders.


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"Well done, Princess! I had never dreamed of coming across the Golden Axe again in my life time."

"Well done, Princess! You have saved Windwood and acquired the Golden Axe as well."
"Was there ever any doubt, my friend? I am, after all, a wind mage and sword master."


"After all, I'm not that bad, huh?"
"It's a bit early to be so confident. The trial of your life has just begun."
"Yes, you are right I guess. But as long as we have this axe, we can all live in peace."

"Ha, ha. Always the overconfident one, aren't you, Milan? Do not celebrate too early, for the real test is yet to come. The Golden Axe is a prize of great power, and great responsibility."
"Yes, perhaps you are right. I will use the axe to protect my Kingdom, but I must be careful not to misuse it. My people are counting on me."
"Now then, shall we go?"


Milan Flare


  • Rotor Sword (ローターソード): ← (hold), → + any Punch
  • Gyro Sword (ジャイロソード): ↓ (hold), ↑ + any Punch
  • Air Strike (エアストライク): ← (hold), → + any Kick
  • Bird of Prey (サーチジャンプ, Search Jump): ↓ (hold), ↑ + any Kick
    • Talon Strike (エアナックル, Air Knuckle): Bird of Prey, then any Punch
    • Tornado Spin (ミランスペシャル, Milan Special): Bird of Prey, then ↓ + any Punch

Hyper Magic:

  • Tempest (ブラッディテンペスト, Bloody Tempest): ↓ (hold), ↘→↗ + any Kick, then press ↓ + any Punch while above the opponent


Milan's stage is the Windwood Castle (ウィンドウッド城 Windouddo Shiro) located in the north of the continent. The background has her kingdom, with a large castle and many windmills.

Victory quotesEdit

  • I cannot lose. My people are depending on me.
  • Thank you, spirit of the winds. Please guide me to another victory.
  • Is that all you've got? I think you're kind of weak.



  • In the North American instruction manual, the Windwood Kingdom was misnamed as Winwood, and Tyris as Tiris.