Golden Axe Stage 1

Old Firewood Kingdom

The Old Firewood Kingdom (旧ファイヤーウッド王国), also known as Wilderness, In the Woods, The Forest, and The Woods, is the first stage from Golden Axe, set in the wilderness of where used to be the Firewood Kingdom. Ax Battler, Tyris Flare and Gilius Thunderhead see their friend Alex die here and learn from him that Death Adder has captured the Southwood Kingdom's royal family. The three depart to stop the villain, fighting some of the weakest members of his army in the wilderness. In the end they face the Bad Brothers near a sign pointing to the Turtle Village, the next stage.

In the PlayStation 2 version, the stage was increased and is set in two stages. Stage 1 is like the original version, but at the end there is a bridge instead of the Turtle Village sign and more wilderness. At the end the heroes camp to pass the night. Stage 2 starts in the next day, near the ocean, where they pass by the ruins of a stone building (presumably a fort) and a small river. Halfway they enter in a forest, where they fight against the Bad Brothers near the Turtle Village sign.


Arcade version Genesis / Mega Drive version

Bonus StageEdit

The bonus stage from this level has one Blue Thief.

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