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Panchos (パンチョス Panchosu) is one of the playable characters in Golden Axe: The Duel.


When the people of the volcano province of Blo think of a guy with a good sense of humor, they think of Panchos. When they think of a guy able to learn anything, they think of Panchos. But when Panchos headed out of town last week dressed in bright armor and loaded with large metal bombs, nobody knew what to think.

Panchos' father, an inventor, taught him from a young age the skills of his trade. But Panchos wasn't satisfied with his life, and longed for adventure. When he heard that the Golden Axe had resurfaced, he headed off. Finally, life seemed to be getting exciting.


ImageArcadeSega Saturn

"Whoa!" "Great, great!"
"Very shiny!" "Awesome!"

Hmm, this axe is made of the strongest metal I've ever seen! A good find, indeed. I'll take it to my smithy and make a suit of armor out of it. It will be the most fantastic armor ever!"


Five years have passed. Now Panchos has his own kingdom. People learned of his story and called him the Iron King.

Five years passed, and Panchos' armor and marvelous inventions gained him the respect and admiration of many people. So many, in fact, that he gained a Kingdom of his own, and was known across the land as the IronKing.


Special Moves:

  • Mini Bomb (デンジャラスダイナマイト, Dangerous Dynamite): ↓↘→, hold any Punch
  • Mega Bomb (スーパーデンジャラスダイナマイト, Super Dangerous Dynamite): ↓↘→, hold any Kick (bomb blows up when button is released)
  • Dyna Might (D.D.ニー, D.D.Knee): →↘↓↙←, any Kick

Hyper Magic:

  • Blast Wave (ダイナマイトブリッジ, Dynamite Bridge): ←↙↓↘→↗, any Kick (in front of enemy)


Panchos's stage is Iron Lab (アイアンラボ Aian Rabo) located in the southwest of the continent.

Victory quotesEdit

  • You can't hurt me, my armor is too tough, I can hurt you, though...
  • With my bombs, I will blast my way yo victory!
  • What's the matter, shell-shocked?