Queen of the Dead
Queen of the Dead
Background Information
Gender Female
Attack Level
Move Level
Status Dead
Voice actor  ?
Appearances Golden Axe: Beast Rider

The Queen of the Dead is a character from Golden Axe: Beast Rider that serves Death Adder. She is the ruler of the realm of the dead, reigning from the City of the Dead. Hungry for power and dominion beyond her realm, the Queen bargained her country and her people to Death Adder, granting him many Undead warriors and creatures. The Queen is Undead, capable of drawing power for her undead body from a living soul. The cost of this power is a need for constant recharge.

When Tyris Flare enters the City of the Dead in search of a piece from the Golden Axe, the queen fights against Tyris to take her soul. The Queen of the Dead can fly and attacks with magic, which includes teleporting to avoid attacks, summoning undead servants, creating a duplicate and. She also attacks by hitting with her staff. Tyris manages to defeat the queen and cuts her head off with the Golden Axe.