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Not to be confused with Golden Axe: The Duel.

The Duel is a gameplay mode from Golden Axe (Genesis version) and Golden Axe II where the player fights against several enemies. In Golden Axe III, the Duel mode is replaced by the similar Vs Mode.

Golden Axe[]

The player selects one of the playable characters (Ax Battler, Tyris Flare and Gilius Thunderhead) to duel against several enemies with a single life.

Battle Enemies
1 LongMoan with Chicken Leg
2 Heninger (x2)
3 Heninger with Red Dragon
4 Skeleton (x2)
5 LongMoan (x2)
6 Zuburoka (x2), each with a Red Dragon
7 Heninger (x2) and LongMoan
8 Skeleton (x2)
9 Bad Brothers (x2)
10 Lt. Bitter
11 Gen. Heartland (x2)
12 Gen. Bitter (x2)

Golden Axe II[]

Like the first game, a single player duels against several enemies in a single life, or two players battle between themselves.

Battle Enemies
1 Zakkar
2 Greness with Chicken Leg
3 Hell Lizard
4 Greness (x2)
5 Zakkar (x2), each with a Green Dragon
6 Skeleton (x2)
7 Zakkar (x2), one with a Chicken Leg and one with a Red Dragon
8 Death Armor
9 Hell Lizard (x2)
10 Minotauros (x2)
11 Zakkar (x2) and Greness
12 Hell Lizard (x2)
13 Minotauros (x2)
14 Skeleton (x3)
15 Death Armor (x2)

Golden Axe III[]

The player selects one of five characters (Kain Grinder, Sara Burn, Proud Cragger, Chronos "Evil" Lait, and Eve) to battle against five opponents: The other four characters and a mirror match. The player can also choose between four arenas to fight: The Vast Field, Cave of Crystal, Death Mountain or Cursed City. The player wins if he manages to defeat all five opponents.