The Island of Axir is a location from Golden Axe: Beast Rider, an island off the cost of the Yurian continent and homeland of the Axirian Sisterhood. The sisterhood recruit girls from the mainland at a young age to worship and fight for the Great Dragon.


The sisterhood has been using this Island as their base for as long as anyone can remember, secluded out in the sea it is a safe haven for the sisters and a perfect place for them to rest train and worship the Dragon Titan, the sisterhood also use Abraxes to travel quickly throughout the island, taking girls from the mainland, and teaching them the art of combat and magic so that they may fight for the Dragon Titan as well as worship him, the sisterhood revere the Titan as a god and would fight to the death for him.


  • The Great Altar: A very large altar, the the sisters use to summon the Dragon Titan in times of need.
  • The Axirian Battle Arena: an arena of the Island that the sisters use to hone their abilities in combat and magic.
  • The Axirian Teleporter: is a teleporter which the sisters use to travel throughout Yuria two buttons must be activated in order for it to work.

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