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Blue Thief in Golden Axe
Background Information
Height 2'11 (Golden Axe)
Weight 71 lbs. (Golden Axe)
Attack Level
Move Level
Voice actor

Thieves (シーフ), also known as Elves, Dwarves and Gnomes, are non-hostile enemies that appear on several games in the Golden Axe series. They do not appear in Golden Axe II, however, being replaced by Magicians instead.


Golden Axe[]

Blue Thief.png
Green Thief.png

They appear in all levels from the game. Attacking the Thieves will cause them to drop the goods. There are two types:

  • Blue Thieves: The most common type of Thieves. They drop Magic Pots.
  • Green Thieves: They drop Food. They are the only type that does not steal.

Golden Axe III[]

The Thieves returns in the third game. Sometimes at the Bonus Stages, they are able to burrow grounds like moles and it is very tricky to hit them.

Golden Axe: The Revenge of Death Adder[]

Thieves appear again.

Golden Axe: The Duel[]

Blue Thief
Green Thief

Blue Thieves appear periodically in the stages and can be hit to drop Magic Pots, allowing the characters to use their Special Attacks. Green Thieves are more rare, and when hit they drop meat that can recover some life. In the Sega Saturn version, a different colored Thief appears in the Sega logo in the beginning of the game doing varying actions.

Golden Axe: Beast Rider[]

Thieves are named Gnomes in this game, and act much like previous appearaces, running around and dropping goods when hit. After a certain amount of hits, they will leave by burrowing into the ground.

Near the end of the game, some Gnomes that serve Death Adder as part of his suicide squad appear in the Fiend's Path. They run on Tyris's direction to jump on her and explode. After dying, they leave behind a poisonous Magic Pot.

Other media[]

Thieves have a short appearance in the Golden Axe story Citadel of Dead Souls from Sonic the Comic.