Turtle Village (亀の村 Kame no Mura) is the second and third stage from Golden Axe. The second stage, also known as Proceeding to Turtle Island, is a village on the back of a giant turtle, hence the name.

The turtle takes Ax Battler, Tyris Flare and Gilius Thunderhead south across the sea to the third stage, also known as Leaving Turtle Island and Crossing from the Turtle Village to the Mainland, a large town near Death Adder's castle (named Turtle Village in the manual's map, presumably being a land part of the village). After defeating Lt. Bitter in the village, the heroes see that Death Adder's forces are strong near the castle, so they decide to dare the Fiend's Path to reach it.

This is the third and fourth stage in the PlayStation 2 version, and Lt. Bitter is replaced by Minotauros.


Stage 2Edit

Arcade version

Genesis / Mega Drive version

Stage 3Edit

Arcade version

Genesis / Mega Drive version

Bonus StagesEdit

Stage 2 has one Blue Thief and one Green Thief.

Stage 3 has two Blue Thieves and two Green Thieves.

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