Zoma (ゾマ) is one of the playable characters in Golden Axe: The Duel.


Only the brave or foolish enter the Southern Plateau, a wasteland where little grows but where evil is said to thrive. This is also the home of Zoma. It is said he uses the life energies of captured travelers to sustain himself in this bleak environment.

Zoma served as an advisor to the king of Lustan, a kingdom which bordered the plateau in the ancient days. Zoma's lust for power finally forced the king to banish his former minister to the plateau. Through the centuries, Zoma has been content to live off of the energies of his prisoners. However, the announcement of the Golden Axe has stirred his lust for power once again. Zoma has stated that he will rule the continent "without mercy" when he wins.


ImageArcadeSega Saturn

"Marvelous! The 762 years have flown by. Now let the Golden Axe complete my collection!"

"At last, the final ingredient for my potion. With the Golden Axe melted into my cauldron, I will have the ultimate potion. The ultimate power will be mine! Ha! Ha! Ha!"


"Let it age for 300 more years... Then the ultimate magic potion will be ready! Simply magnificent!"

"All I need to do now is let the potion cool down... for about 100 years."


Special Moves:

  • Changeling (ダークプレイ, Dark Play): ↓↘→, any Punch
  • Skull Charge (ダークスマッシュ, Dark Smash): ↖↘, any Punch
  • Quick Staff (ダークダンシング, Dark Dancing): Press a Punch button repeatedly
  • Levitation (ダークジャンプ, Dark Jump): →↓↘, any Kick
  • Circle of Death: ↓ + Strong Punch (while Jumping)

Hyper Magic:

  • Dark Carnival (ダークカーニバル): ↓↘→↓↘→, any Punch


Zoma's stage is Dark Island (ダークアイランド), a floating island located in the south of the continent, in the plateau he lives. The cloudy wasteland has crows and strange creatures passing in the background.

Victory quotesEdit

  • Out of my way, the Golden Axe shall be mine! Mine!
  • Hee, hee, hee! Another corpse in my wake.
  • Foolish one! You are no match for my dark magic.