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Zuburoka (ズブロッカ Zuburokka) is the name of the Amazonian unit from Death Adder's army that appear as common enemies in Golden Axe and Ax Battler: A Legend of Golden Axe. They are also collectively known as Amazonian Warrior and Amazones (アマゾネス). The Zuburoka group of Amazonian warriors is a rival of Tyris Flare's amazon group.

Zuburoka warriors appear in four varieties: Storchinaya (blue), Strobaya (green, also known as Syrobaya), Lemanaya (red) and Gruziya (dark, also known as Guruziya).


The names Zuburoka, Storchinaya, Strobaya, and Lemanaya are derived from brands of vodka: Żubrówka, Stolichnaya, Stolovaya, and Limonnaya. Gruziya is an old name of Georgia, a country known for its wine.